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Oh Aubree...
Thursday, February 11, 2010
♥ 12:23 PM

I started writing down all the random things Aubree says and realizing that she listens to everything I say!

1/20/10: Started to potty train. Got the potty, the panties, and the candy. After a few hours of sitting her on her potty and her not going and throwing a fit. I said, "Aubree go pee pee in the potty and you can get some CANDY!!!" Aubree: "NO Mommy I don't want candy!"

1/28/10: We were walking out the door and Aubree stopped right in front of me and I ran into her. All she said was, "Sorry my Mommy...Sorry Mommy" LoL

2/10/10: I was taking pizza out of the oven and I hear, "Careful my Mommy Hot!" I then realize that every time I open the oven I tell her, "Hot Aubree be careful."

2/10/10: I grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and she said, "Don't spill it Mommy." She remembers everything I say to her.

2/10/10: From when she was born I have always changed her diaper and said, "oh nasty" or if she tried to pick something off the floor I would say "Ewwww Nasty". So anything that smells or looks gross is "Nasty" to her. She walked past me and had a loud hiccup and looked at me and said, "Ewww Mom Nasty."

2/16/10: For some reason whenever Tim goes to sit on the couch the back hits my sofa table and knocks a picture down. I yelled at him, "Tim knock it off...learn how to sit right." (remember I am 9 months pregnant and he can be irritating LoL) Then we hear, "Tim knock it off! Knock it off Tim!"

2/20/10: I went to the bathroom and when I was done Aubree said,"Yeah Mommy get CANDY!"

2/22/10: Aubree got out a pot and a lid to play with and she sets them on the couch and says, "Mom I cookin' brrrrritoooo!" Lol...she loves burritos.


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