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Payton's 1st Birthday!
Saturday, February 20, 2010
♥ 7:35 PM

Happy Birthday Payton. Today we went to Payton's first birthday party. She is Tim's cousin David's little girl and soooo cute. She is the happiest baby.

Aubree had fun playing with all the toys.

Chalk was her favorite.

Happy Birthday Caydence!
Monday, February 15, 2010
♥ 8:10 PM

Aubree's best friend/cousin Caydence turned 2yrs old today! We just got back from Chuck E Cheese and Aubree cried the whole way home "Mouse, Mouse, Mouse"....she loved him.

She wanted to dance with Chuck E....aka "MOUSE!"

Waiting for their pizza!

They love cake!

They literally rode the carousel 7 or 8 times.

Finally another ride...

I don't know what Aubree is thinking???

She won 2 tickets!

Silly Girls!

Early Valentines from Mammaw & Papa
Thursday, February 11, 2010
♥ 6:03 PM

I have a very happy 20 month old!

Waiting for the fish to get used to the water temp.

We thought she'd call them "Nemo" because she watches that movie twice a day....but she calls them "Dorothy" from Elmo's World.

She was so excited to feed them.

She just stares at them.

Oh Aubree...
♥ 12:23 PM

I started writing down all the random things Aubree says and realizing that she listens to everything I say!

1/20/10: Started to potty train. Got the potty, the panties, and the candy. After a few hours of sitting her on her potty and her not going and throwing a fit. I said, "Aubree go pee pee in the potty and you can get some CANDY!!!" Aubree: "NO Mommy I don't want candy!"

1/28/10: We were walking out the door and Aubree stopped right in front of me and I ran into her. All she said was, "Sorry my Mommy...Sorry Mommy" LoL

2/10/10: I was taking pizza out of the oven and I hear, "Careful my Mommy Hot!" I then realize that every time I open the oven I tell her, "Hot Aubree be careful."

2/10/10: I grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and she said, "Don't spill it Mommy." She remembers everything I say to her.

2/10/10: From when she was born I have always changed her diaper and said, "oh nasty" or if she tried to pick something off the floor I would say "Ewwww Nasty". So anything that smells or looks gross is "Nasty" to her. She walked past me and had a loud hiccup and looked at me and said, "Ewww Mom Nasty."

2/16/10: For some reason whenever Tim goes to sit on the couch the back hits my sofa table and knocks a picture down. I yelled at him, "Tim knock it off...learn how to sit right." (remember I am 9 months pregnant and he can be irritating LoL) Then we hear, "Tim knock it off! Knock it off Tim!"

2/20/10: I went to the bathroom and when I was done Aubree said,"Yeah Mommy get CANDY!"

2/22/10: Aubree got out a pot and a lid to play with and she sets them on the couch and says, "Mom I cookin' brrrrritoooo!" Lol...she loves burritos.

My soon to be "Not my baby"
♥ 8:48 AM

It's so weird to think that Aubree isn't going to be my "baby" anymore. I know she's gonna be 2 soon anyway but just that fact that she'll be my "big" kid makes me sad...and the fact that it's not just me and her anymore. Especially when I get to wake up to this...

And honestly her hair is quite calm in the pictures.

Here is one preggo picture since some people are asking. I am like the least photogenic person ever so I try to avoid the camera when possible. I think this is 7 or beginning of 8 months?? Sometime in January.

Baby Boy...Seth or Aiden?
Monday, February 08, 2010
♥ 12:07 PM

So I still have no nursery set up....I have 6 weeks to get going but in reality need to have it done by March 1. I already have the curtain fabric, rugs, paint, furniture, and wall decals...just need to put them all together. Here is a sample of what is to come!

Fabric for curtains and crib bumper. The green is actually "lime" and not so diarrhea color. And the light gray is actually a dark gray. I'm painting 2 walls gray (darker than Aubree's room) and 2 walls teal.

Wall Decal for over the crib on the teal wall
Not sure exactly where this one is going...but I love it. Maybe on the wall with the window? Which will be gray. BTW..this pic is from Etsy-not my house :)

I still want to put his name on the wall over his dresser. Tim is still in love with Seth and I like Aiden. Wouldn't Aubree and Aiden be cute? Tim will probably get his way because he has always liked that name and that is what Aubree would be if she were a boy. LoL

Aubree comes up to me several times a day and wants to see "Baby Botha" and she say's "Nice Baby" while patting my stomach. Too cute. Interesting to see how she takes to the baby. She love love loves babies. I'm going to have to keep him out of her reach because she would pick him up and carry him away with no second thoughts....but I'm most curious to see how she'll do when he has "Mommy's" attention. She is such a mommy's girl.

I'm getting excited and overwhelmed everyday. I have amazing friends who are super crafty and helping me get ready. My friend Kaci is making me my curtains and bumper. My super sweet friend Tami is making me a carseat cover. Sewing right over the pink one I had for Aubree. I'm excited to see how it turns out. This is the carseat fabric. The stroller I picked is Red, Black, Tan, and Gray so this fabric will match when the carseat is connected.

One of my best friends Jamie (who is also a cousin-in-law??) is throwing me a shower too. Wasn't expecting to have one but feel very special that she is putting all her time, effort, and money into it for me. It's friends only since I want it to be small and my family is too big and too complicated! LoL I do love you all but...you know :) Here is the cute decor she is using. I wish I could scan the invitation to show you all how cute it is. I'm very proud of my friend! LoL (She would think this is funny....that I'm proud of her).

I'm Alive!
Sunday, February 07, 2010
♥ 12:08 PM

I haven't posted since July??? Where does the time go....well instead of re-capping the last 7 months (you can view that on my Facebook) I'm going to pick up from the New Year. Aubree is getting too big too fast...and so am I lol....6wks from Tuesday and I'm due with Baby #2. Crazy...
We've had some crazy rain these past few weeks which brought us lots of snow in the mountains. This was Aubree's first time in the snow and she loved it.

She was too funny trying to walk around.

As soon as she realized she could eat it...and that "snow" was just a bunch of "ice".....

"More ice Mom"

It was all over...all she did was stand there and the "ice"

And eat.....
And eat....
And eat....
And eat some more...
"Cold-eee wet hands Mom!"

We did try to get her to play a little instead of just eat lol

Trying to make her "Nooooo Man"

And she didn't get 3 licks from her candy or even out of the parking lot and she was out!


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