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What will it take for me to remember my camera??
Tuesday, August 28, 2007
♥ 2:25 PM

I have been so busy (as usual). Where do I even start? Well, the youth beach trip was so much fun. Except for the fact that I left my camera at home (or I thought I did). I was so bummed that I didn't have my camera. All day I swear I had the "perfect Kodak moments. " Well, around 4:30 I had gotten out of the water and went to go change to dry clothes and what do you think I found in my bag??? My stupid Camera!!!!! Uggghhhhh! I could have screamed-actually I think I did. I put it in my clothes bag so I wouldn't get sand on it. Duhhhhh. Anyway, we had a great time. We sent Tim and Al early to reserve a fire pit and we stayed until the beach closed.

Here is one picture of the boys on the Life Guard Tower (in the dark).

Next, I threw a Surprise (spelt correctly) Party for my sil who turned 19. It was a lot of fun. The desserts were perfect, the pinata was fun (my first time buying a pinata), and the decorations were so cute. But, you will have to take my word for it because- AGAIN, I left my camera at home.

Lets see...what else?

Oh, Tim and I took his two brothers Taylor and Levi to an Angel game this past weekend and we had great seats (Thanks to Aunt Carol who has season tickets and couldn't make the game because Ethan had a choir beach party). We went to Claim Jumper for dinner before and then ate all the junk food the game had to offer. It was fun even though the Angels lost. But, again you will have to take my word for it because I forgot my camera-AGAIN!

We had our first Puppet Show with our new team and it went really well. It was at a church picnic for Water of Life Church. We weren't nervous until we realized they have 4 sanctuaries and over 5,000 members! And to top it off it was hot and humid!

The end of James & John Thunder Bros Circus is this Wednesday. The classes are going to perform their skits at our "Circus" and we are having an ice cream sundae party. We will have a few weeks of game nights and hopefully start up the new "Inspiration Island" by Sept. 19 (as long as my oriental trading order comes in).

This weekend is the Annual Hello Kitty Beach Fest in Huntington Beach. Emily and I are going (maybe Jessie and Lori). They have games and free stuff for all the girls. It is also a Women's Surfing Competition. I WILL take my camera!

This Sunday the Strong Man is coming to our church. We first met him at Spirit West Coast 3 years ago, then booked him for Joni Camp this year and he called us 2 weeks ago and said he would be in town Labor Day and wants to come to our church. He is amazing and has a great testimony. He was just put in the World Records for rolling a frying pan into the smallest burrito. He does it right in front of you in like 20 seconds. I will take pictures this Sunday-if I remember my camera :)

I will leave you with this cute picture of "Dudey" (pronounced "Dude" "E") aka Evan!

I forgot to write about my birthday. It was really nice. The weather was perfect. We went to Laguna Beach and the water was so clear-I could have been in Hawaii. We found this cool little private beach.

I too have, "Lots of Stuff!"
Tuesday, August 07, 2007
♥ 8:54 PM

I am sitting at work-with nothing to do-so of course I am reading all of my favorite blogs. I came across my Aunt Cindy's and she posted, "Lots of Stuff" and it was a listing of all of the different projects and events that she is currently planning or involved in. And it was weird because I am sitting at work-doing nothing-except thinking about all of the stuff I have to do and plan and get ready for and how much I could be getting done if I wasn't at work! Anyone involved in ministry full time knows that it is almost near impossible to have 2 full time jobs! I have papers everywhere with lists of things I need to get or plan for. I saw my Aunt's post and decided I need to do the same thing!

24/7 Youth Beach Trip- This Saturday. I still need to coordinate the food and activities. I have a way cool scavenger hunt planned. I need to get prizes for the winners. If you don't know our church has gone through some changes and my youth group went from about 13 (small I know) down to 4- yes 4 boys! And get this- 2 of them are related. My brothers in law? brother in laws?? I don't know the correct way to write that?? But, we were getting ready to start youth group Sunday night and I realized I LOVE my 4 BOYS! I have so much fun stuff planned for them. But, for the beach trip- I have a lot to get ready. One item that seems easy is firewood for the bonfire. But, I don't know where to get it. I could go to the grocery store and buy 4 little pieces of wood for $10. But it would cost me $100 to get enough wood for the night!

Here they are trying to look "Cool." Tim's brothers are on the left.

Kids Kingdom Wednesday Night Children's Church Curriculum- I am in charge of the children's church at my church and I absolutely love it. For our Wednesday night curriculum I started using VBS (Vacation Bible School) themes and breaking them up over 10 weeks. It was going great. We would decorate for the theme-prizes, costumes, crafts, snack, etc. But, after awhile I started noticing that we were paying an arm and a leg for these 5 bible stories and I told my teachers that if I had to teach, "Jesus feeds 5000" one more time I would scream. They all had the same stories. And don't get me wrong- I understand the kids need to know the bible stories-but I am more interested on training these kids up for a new generation that is on fire for Jesus! Working on their character and having a Christ like attitude and heart. So, I started my own curriculum and choosing my own theme. I shared below that we are currently on, James & John Thunder Bros. Circus. But, that is over in about 4 weeks so I need to come up with a new theme and curriculum ASAP. I am leaning towards a tropical island and using the whole pirate theme??? But, I am more concerned on what direction we are going to go in teaching the kids. What main focus do we want to stress on? I am kinda thinking the Beatitudes? I am not sure but, all I know is if it needs to start in 4 weeks, I need to give my teachers their stuff in 2!

Here are the kids during worship. Tim's 2 youngest brothers are on the right.

Jesus Rocks Puppet Team- With the church changes that occurred-it also made changes with our puppet team. And we have 2 performances coming up. One on Aug. 26th and then the "Through the Roof" Joni and Friends Conference in October. So, we are a little stressed on what songs to do and who is doing what. I don't have too much to worry about with this-except I am in charge of all the props. We will see how that turns out!

Ali's Birthday- My sister in law is turning 19 on Aug.22nd. So, if you know me you know I love to throw parties for people. I wanted to do something special for her (my husband thinks I am crazy to start another project). But, I don't think she has had a party since she was like 7. It lands on a Wednesday and we have church. So I am throwing a dessert party after church. I am going to decorate the main room in the Sunday school and then when church is over surprise her. I hope it will be fun. I am doing a flip flop/beach theme. I can't wait to decorate cupcakes and get all of the desserts on their trays. I will post pictures once the day comes. But, again it is another thing to get ready. Centerpieces, gifts, decorations, and desserts to choose!

Ahh man, you know what I just realized??? When I spell checked my post I noticed I spelt "Surprise" wrong. I wrote "Suprise" and that is what I put on all of the invitations!! Darn!! Oh, well- most of them are homeschooled-hopefully they won't notice :) (I know- I am the one who can't spell).

So, this is just my August calendar. I do have some fun coming in September. Tim and I are going to the beach for Labor Day Weekend and it includes Disneyland. Yeah!! I am so excited. I haven't been in 2 years! That is way too long without Mickey!

P.S. Yes, I did this whole post at work :) I know I am bad.

I love Family Retreats!
Saturday, August 04, 2007
♥ 7:49 AM

I don't know if I have ever told you how much I love family retreats. The family retreats are with Joni & Friends http://www.joniandfriends.org/. This year we put on a carnival for them. Their theme was Joy. It was so much fun. We had so many games and activities for them-everything from a Tattoo Booth-ran by Melissa-to Jumpers, water slides, photo booth, bowling. And even Hot Air Balloon Rides that fit 2 wheelchairs. And by far the water slide and water jumpers were their favorite.

Faith is the cutest little girl. She is 6 years old and has down syndrome. When she saw the water slides she was so excited she jumped right in and then ran around the carnival soaking wet!

I ran the Cotton Candy booth. And it was very windy. So needless to say I was tasting very sweet by the end of the day. This is Josh. We met his family at family retreats about 3 years ago and they now attend our church.

This is Natalie. She is good friends with Josh's sister Sarah. She has come to our youth group a couple times. This was her first Family Retreat. Her story is amazing. Quick Rundown: When she was born the doctors told her mother that she wouldn't live more than a few minutes-maybe an hour. She was so doped up on drugs-the put her in a room below the maternity ward and put the baby to the side to basically die. Well, she called up later that night and she was still alive and then the next day and she was still alive and here we are now about 19 years later.

Here Josh and Natalie are Fencing!

Here is Amanda (Al's sister)-she was an STM-Short Term Missionary-this year and she was assigned to the sweetest family with a little boy named Lucas. I am not sure what his special needs were but he was too cute. His mom decided to put him under the water jumper and let the water fall on him (it was a mister) and we got the most precious smile from him.

This next guy is Blake. He is one of my favorites. He always gives me a hug and tells me he loves me. He said, "will you marry me?" I said I'm sorry Blake I'm married. He said, "It's okay just break up with him!" He was so funny. He then wanted me to get a picture of him sliding down the water jumper. You can also see Melissa trying to get in the picture in the back :)

Here is Staci with my cousin Lindsey and her puppet Mari. Staci has come and visited us and stayed with my Aunt Pat for the weekend. They live in San Diego. Her mom is the sweetest person in the world. She got married young and had Staci and then divorced. She is my age. I am 23 today. Anyway- Staci loves puppets. Lindsey had her laughing so hard. It was so cute to watch. When Staci was in the hospital earlier this year Lindsey went down there and for 2 hours never took that puppet off her hand.

Okay- I could load 100 pictures- I have so many. But, like I said earlier-today is my birthday so Tim and I are off to the beach-but not before stopping by my moms. Jimmy is making me breakfast-How jealous are you? I will fill you in some more later. I am going to try to go to the Talent Show tonight. You thought these pictures were cute? Sneak Peak-Faith and her sister Emerald are going to sing, "I can only Imagine."

Extreme Makeover:Sunday School Edition
Thursday, August 02, 2007
♥ 10:35 PM

Okay, so like I said before I have been very busy lately. I have a few things I can check off my list. One of the major ones was "Sunday School Makeover." We actually got it done in 2 days! Okay, well I went and painted by myself Tuesday through Friday- but we had alot of help Saturday and Sunday and ended up painting the whole thing! The kids loved it on Wednesday Night. I am very happy with the results.

Here is the "Hang Ten" room. This room is for co-ed pre-teen. I wanted to make sure it didn't turn out too "kiddish." I had to use this little saw my cousin Al gave me and let me tell you-it wasn't easy. My surf board is a little jagged and the sun-I could not get a half circle for the life of me! And believe it or not the palm branches were super easy.

This is the Under Water room. I love the colors. The "wind swirls" are my favorite.

Here is a picture of the Toddler Room. I wanted it to be very colorful. And the weird thing is-it ended up in the same color theme as the under water-and it wasn't even planned. You can see the walls in the background. My cousin Sydney is the one on the left.

On Wednesday nights I do "theme" lessons. Sort of like a VBS for spread out over 10 weeks. The current theme is circus/carnival. I named it James & John Thunder Bros Circus! So, every other week is the carnival games-balloon darts, throw circles on the water ducks, etc. The cool thing is I get to order prizes!! The prizes this Wednesday were those light up wands that you wave in the air. The kids loved them! The little girl is our friends daughter Lauren.

Well, off to Joni and Friends today. We were there last night and saw the "Strong Man." What a great testimony he has. I will post about the weekend tomorrow.

P.S. My birthday is tomorrow and I am NOT getting the tattoo. At least not now :)


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