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Parties, and Fires and Babies...Oh MY!
Monday, October 29, 2007
♥ 10:09 AM

I know it has been almost 1 month since I have posted. I have been sooo busy and so out of it lately. So, where do I even start....

Parties....We started off by having the youth group over and going to Knotts Scary Farm. That was fun-but tiring. We had them play this game in the pool and they had to get everyone across and only 3 could operate the "boat" and this one couldn't be left with that one and vice versa. They actually figured it out in about 1/2 hour. I was surprised. But, they seemed to have fun. It was freezing that morning and the pool was COLD!

*Side Note: I have been waiting to post this until my laptop is working again so I can post pictures. No such luck so far. As soon as I can I will post the pictures*

We then had Jimmy's Birthday Weekend. He turned 50 so we went to Santa Monica for the weekend. We stayed in a beautiful Marriott hotel. We had both rooms right next to each other and back sliding doors that walked out right in front of the pool. Of course my camera died so I don't have any hotel pictures. But, their pool was HUGE and they had this Tiki Hut in the middle with all these comfy couches and a fire in the middle at night. It was really nice and relaxing. We went to Malibu for dinner. We ate at Gladstone's. It is right on the beach. Here are 2 pictures I took before my camera died.

This brings me to my next title-Fires-one of the first fires that started was in Malibu right where we had dinner, 2 days before! They are up to some 1,000 homes destroyed. Too sad. The Malibu fire was actually set by a down phone pole. But, 2 or 3 others were arson. Crazy. Jimmy's sister lives in Ramona (San Diego) they were asked to evacuate and they wouldn't. The firefighters told them that if they didn't leave now, then they wouldn't come back to get them. No matter how worse it got. Thankfully, their house was safe. The smoke and air is so bad where we are. We have ash falling at my house and work. I could not imagine how bad it is AT the fire. We are at least an hour away from the closest fire. And then last Friday I woke up to no power. All of Riverside and San Bernardino had no power. It started to come on slowly here and there. The only good thing out of that was no work :)

And now the Baby! Yes, I am pregnant. I am 10 weeks. Tim and I are excited. And especially our mom's. I have been sooo nauseaus-all day. I can't wait for the first trimester to be over! And extremely tired!! And one of the worse things. The smell of my kitchen and car make we want to throw up! I have to roll all my windows down when I get in my car. I don't like the smell of leather normally and now I really don't like the smell. My due date is June 2nd and I just found out my step-sister is due June 4th. Too funny.

Next up... Holy Ghost Town- I will be at church today, tomorrow, and all day Wednesday to set up for our event. I hope it turns out like I picture it in my head!

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Ahoy Matey!
Monday, October 01, 2007
♥ 12:24 PM

We have officially started Inspiration Island. I am pleased with the decor of the room and how well the kids decorated their Pirate Ships and Treasure Boxes. Every time I switch our theme for our curriculum I have each class choose a name. This year we have the Punky Potty Trained Pre-School Pirates, The Blue Pearl, and Cross Bones. Once they choose a name they then make a sign- they made Shields for the Kids in the Kingdom, Circus Act Banners for James & John Thunder Bros Circus,-I try to keep the signs matching with the theme. So this time they decorated Pirate Ships. I will post a picture Wednesday of the room decor :)

The kids also received tote bags for the younger ones, who don't carry a bible or bring it to actually read :) and then bible covers for the older class who use theirs for their lesson. We normally do shirts or hats too, but I decided to have a little change this time around. Below are the Punky Potty Trained Pre-School Priates totes, treasure chests, and craft.

We are also very busy planning our Holy Ghost Town. I have it all mapped out, I just need 3 more volunteers to "adopt" a room and the pre-planning is done. We are having a meeting tomorrow night. I don't know what I am dressing up as. I was thinking about a cross between pirate and saloon girl. We'll see.

I still can't believe how fast September went. We were very busy. We ended up going to 3 Angel games in 2 weeks and I forgot my camera ALL 3 TIMES!

This past weekend we had a family party for the September Birthday's on my dad's side (got that) and we went to my Aunt Paula and Uncle Jerry's house. They live in Oak Glen-which is the cutest little town. I grew up going there so you kind of take advantage of it and now that I am older I see how cool it actually is. We got so used to it that it was nothing special. We go up there at least 3 times a year. Anyway, we had a really good time this weekend. We went apple picking and bought Cherry Apple Cider and apple donuts. Soooo Good. Sounds weird-but they are heaven! They have this sugar spice on them. Yum! And of course you can't leave without your carmel apple!

Here's Melissa picking Apples! If you look close you can see her birthday present-her new Tattoo on her arm.

My aunt lives in this really cool house right in the middle of the forest. She literally has bears in her back yard every day. Her dogs have to be in doors- sometimes they are outside when the bears come and Buddy chases them up the trees. Their dog Buddy is HUGE! He is the cutest thing.

Here is the side of the house.

This is the front view. And below that is the drive way.

I don't talk about my dad's side of the family much-so here are some pictures of my "other" family.

This is my Uncle Glen and my Grandma.

Here is Gary (Aunt Laraine's Boyfriend), Cousin Damien, Grandpa, & Tim.

This is my Aunt Laraine and her grand daugther Paulina (My Cousin Paulette's Daughter)

Here is my dad and Aunt Paula out on her deck.

So now October. I love the fall. It is my favorite season. And I love the holidays. They are super busy-but I love it.

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