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Halloween Way Late
Friday, January 30, 2009
♥ 9:44 AM

I tried to post Halloween before Christmas, but again it didn't happen. We actually went to Vail Lake with the Waldens a few weeks before Halloween.

Here are all the Walden & Perry Girls: Emily, Aubree, Caydence, & Melanie

Aubree as "Tinkerbell" & Caydence as "Pumpkin Fairy"

I think I liked the back of her costume better than the front

On Halloween Night we made the rounds, visiting Grandpa Joels house first. She had her first sucker.I can't find the pictures I took of Aubree and her cousins for the life of me. Maddie was the cutest Giraffe, Malea was a ballerina, Andrew was Spiderman, and Alex was too cute in his Halloween clothes. He had a penguin costume and he didn't want any part of it.

We then went over to my mom's house and met up with Aunt Melissa as "Alice in Wonderland"

Aubree thought the best part of Halloween was eating suckers...until she discovered the entire candy bowl! She didn't want out of it all night. (And she was only on the chair for this picture)

Seriously like an hour later, we changed her into her Halloween Sweats and she still wanted to sit in the bowl.
Eventually she found that she could eat the candy....

We are Alive and Well
Sunday, January 11, 2009
♥ 8:08 AM

I seriously do try to update this thing as often as I can. Time is flying by as always. Here's a little bit of what we've been up to.....
Tim's sister Jeni was married on Jan. 1st. Here we are at the Rehearsal...

Aubree loved the menu @ the rehearsal dinner

Here were the centerpieces for the reception (before the Mission Inn set the tables)

Tim & Jeni Dancing

Aubree in the Brides Dressing Room

Christmas came and went way to fast. It is so much more fun with a kid. Aubree got so many toys it should be illegal.

Aubree with Auntie Emily

Aubree and her cousin Alex...they are 11 days apart.

My niece Madelyn was so cute in her pink tutu. Jan. 15th is her 1st Birthday!

Christmas Morning at Tim's side of the Family

Aubree and Uncle Taylor

Aubree and Maddie on Christmas Eve

We puppy-sat Tony & Jamie's Christmas Present to their girls "Alvin" for a night and Aubree loved him. Here she is in her ball pit that came with exactly the amount of balls you see. So lame. I need like triple what they provided to fill that thing up.

Aubree is getting too big too fast...still no crawling but she can move herself all around the living room by scooting while sitting up. She claps and says, "Da Da" , and she is working on "Ma Ma" but it sounds more like "Na Na" right now.


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