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What happened to the Kitty?
Tuesday, September 04, 2007
♥ 11:49 AM

I am a week behind in my posting. This was Labor Day weekend. This weekend was full too. I will post that later in the week.

I love having 3 day weekends. One less day at work! So, we started off Friday night, I had my mom, sister Emily, and cousin Jessie over for dinner (check out Emily and Jessie's myspace pages-we made them really cute). We got up early and dropped Tim off at his baseball game, picked my mom and Jimmy up and we were off to the beach. We got there in 35 minutes. No traffic at all. Crazy for a holiday weekend. Thank you Jesus!

The weather was really nice at the beach. We went and ate breakfast at Ruby's on the pier.

We then went to all the booths-rock climbing, mechanical surfing, obstacle course, etc. Except I noticed I didn't see my favorite little kitty. Hello Kitty was not there!!! For some reason she wasn't a sponsor this year, so the Hello Kitty Board Fest turned into Board Fest. Like I said it was still fun, but we were a little disappointed.

Anyway, the Strong Man on Sunday was really good. Except for the fact that in literally 10 minutes my Sunday school went from 15 kids to 48!!! Crazy. They all came in one big swoop! Then to top it off we had a 4. something earthquake about 10:30-right in the middle of church. It was not that big. But, we haven't had an earthquake in awhile so I assume we are due.

After church I took my cousin Michelle's kids with me to my mom's and again Jimmy cooked WAY to much food. We had steak, jumbo shrimp, and crab legs, Yum! It was so good. We swam and then ate and then swam and then ate some more. The kids were wiped out by the end of the day.

One funny picture I have is.. Tim fell asleep on the floor and I mean Fell Asleep-he was snoring and Evan kept climbing all over him and he never woke up. He was so funny. He would sit on his stomach and just laugh.

Up next... Jessie Rose was baptized at Huntington Beach on Saturday. Tim and I went down thereto see her. Her mom swears she has been baptized, but Jessie doesn't remember. She wants to do it as a decision that SHE will make and remember.


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