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Thursday, September 13, 2007
♥ 8:13 PM

Okay, so I don't know why my last video is showing 2 screens, but the top one works and that is good enough for me. As soon as I realized I had a video camera on my digital camera (Just found out that all digital cameras have it-how come no one told me?) I knew I had to video my Dudey. He is the cutest thing. I was trying to get him to talk (we are always trying to get him to talk) and of course the only thing he says is "bap" and that means "Bat" and "Ball". He is so funny when it comes to food. He loves food. If you come in from across the room and have a cup and anything that resembles food he immediately points to it and makes a circle with his lips and says "Ohhhhhhhh". It is so cute. But, he wouldn't do it for me. He is a little punk.

Pay attention to his face as soon as he sees the bag of chips, he immediately stands up , throws the bottle, and sits down next to me (all on his own).

And yes I realize I sound like I'm talking to a dog when I say "Good Boy". I was raised with 12 dogs- what do you expect? And that is Staci in the background talking all loud :)

Here is one more of him. I was trying to get him to come with me and as soon as I mention, "want to get some food or "more" he stops and looks at me. He then realizes I don't have any food and continues to walk away from me.

Lesson learned from these videos. "Talk Less" :)


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