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I love my Girls!
Saturday, September 22, 2007
♥ 12:14 PM

Wow, am I tired! The last 4 just left. 2 of them crying :) It is funny how fast it goes. I have been planning this for 3 months and now it's done. Where do I even start:

Before they arrived I set out all of the stuff I bought for them. Each had their own pillowcase full of cute stuff. I was so excited.
Here is Sydney's Stuff:

They were all so excited when they arrived. We started off with pictures of course. Lots of pictures~

Once they ravaged through all their stuff, we were off to the park!

Fun on the tire swing!

Notice the rain clouds in the back. We had a freak storm the last few days.

I love this picture of Lori.

I don't know which was more fun-the park or the ride home in the car??

Quick note: We walked there and Tim picked us up. Reason for no seat belts and 7 girls in a back seat built for 3: We only live 10 houses from the park.

When we got back home it was time for our first activity- Decorate Pillowcases! They turned out better than I thought. We used the Iron On Transfer Paper. The girls had a lot of fun.

After the park and pillowcases we were hungry. We made our own pizzas. Yum!



Activity 2- Halloween Cards! I was in Heaven (Target) and found these really cute Happy Halloween Cards. They supply the glitter, decals, etc. and you get to make them. They were fun and turned out cute. We also had a fire because it was freeeeezing outside. Last Friday was 101 degrees and this Friday is 55 degrees. What the heck?

I didn't get any pictures of our next activity. We made magnets. I bought the magnet paper at Staples and we printed everything from Hannah Montana to Hello Kitty. And pictures of course. I was impressed with the quality of the paper and how easily it ran through the printer.

The next morning I gave them all matching shirts. They were really cute. I love Old Navy! I didn't get a picture of all the girls matching-Jessie had to leave early Saturday morning for her first Volleyball Game. And she won. Yeah Jess!

Gotta love the morning frizz!

Thanks for staying with me. I know this post is really long. I actually have like 75 pictures of the weekend!

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