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I too have, "Lots of Stuff!"
Tuesday, August 07, 2007
♥ 8:54 PM

I am sitting at work-with nothing to do-so of course I am reading all of my favorite blogs. I came across my Aunt Cindy's and she posted, "Lots of Stuff" and it was a listing of all of the different projects and events that she is currently planning or involved in. And it was weird because I am sitting at work-doing nothing-except thinking about all of the stuff I have to do and plan and get ready for and how much I could be getting done if I wasn't at work! Anyone involved in ministry full time knows that it is almost near impossible to have 2 full time jobs! I have papers everywhere with lists of things I need to get or plan for. I saw my Aunt's post and decided I need to do the same thing!

24/7 Youth Beach Trip- This Saturday. I still need to coordinate the food and activities. I have a way cool scavenger hunt planned. I need to get prizes for the winners. If you don't know our church has gone through some changes and my youth group went from about 13 (small I know) down to 4- yes 4 boys! And get this- 2 of them are related. My brothers in law? brother in laws?? I don't know the correct way to write that?? But, we were getting ready to start youth group Sunday night and I realized I LOVE my 4 BOYS! I have so much fun stuff planned for them. But, for the beach trip- I have a lot to get ready. One item that seems easy is firewood for the bonfire. But, I don't know where to get it. I could go to the grocery store and buy 4 little pieces of wood for $10. But it would cost me $100 to get enough wood for the night!

Here they are trying to look "Cool." Tim's brothers are on the left.

Kids Kingdom Wednesday Night Children's Church Curriculum- I am in charge of the children's church at my church and I absolutely love it. For our Wednesday night curriculum I started using VBS (Vacation Bible School) themes and breaking them up over 10 weeks. It was going great. We would decorate for the theme-prizes, costumes, crafts, snack, etc. But, after awhile I started noticing that we were paying an arm and a leg for these 5 bible stories and I told my teachers that if I had to teach, "Jesus feeds 5000" one more time I would scream. They all had the same stories. And don't get me wrong- I understand the kids need to know the bible stories-but I am more interested on training these kids up for a new generation that is on fire for Jesus! Working on their character and having a Christ like attitude and heart. So, I started my own curriculum and choosing my own theme. I shared below that we are currently on, James & John Thunder Bros. Circus. But, that is over in about 4 weeks so I need to come up with a new theme and curriculum ASAP. I am leaning towards a tropical island and using the whole pirate theme??? But, I am more concerned on what direction we are going to go in teaching the kids. What main focus do we want to stress on? I am kinda thinking the Beatitudes? I am not sure but, all I know is if it needs to start in 4 weeks, I need to give my teachers their stuff in 2!

Here are the kids during worship. Tim's 2 youngest brothers are on the right.

Jesus Rocks Puppet Team- With the church changes that occurred-it also made changes with our puppet team. And we have 2 performances coming up. One on Aug. 26th and then the "Through the Roof" Joni and Friends Conference in October. So, we are a little stressed on what songs to do and who is doing what. I don't have too much to worry about with this-except I am in charge of all the props. We will see how that turns out!

Ali's Birthday- My sister in law is turning 19 on Aug.22nd. So, if you know me you know I love to throw parties for people. I wanted to do something special for her (my husband thinks I am crazy to start another project). But, I don't think she has had a party since she was like 7. It lands on a Wednesday and we have church. So I am throwing a dessert party after church. I am going to decorate the main room in the Sunday school and then when church is over surprise her. I hope it will be fun. I am doing a flip flop/beach theme. I can't wait to decorate cupcakes and get all of the desserts on their trays. I will post pictures once the day comes. But, again it is another thing to get ready. Centerpieces, gifts, decorations, and desserts to choose!

Ahh man, you know what I just realized??? When I spell checked my post I noticed I spelt "Surprise" wrong. I wrote "Suprise" and that is what I put on all of the invitations!! Darn!! Oh, well- most of them are homeschooled-hopefully they won't notice :) (I know- I am the one who can't spell).

So, this is just my August calendar. I do have some fun coming in September. Tim and I are going to the beach for Labor Day Weekend and it includes Disneyland. Yeah!! I am so excited. I haven't been in 2 years! That is way too long without Mickey!

P.S. Yes, I did this whole post at work :) I know I am bad.


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