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Nothing Special
Thursday, July 19, 2007
♥ 5:58 PM

I am back from Chicago. Thank God!!!-Long story :) But, I will be very busy these next couple of weeks. We have Joni and Friends Family Retreat coming up August 1-5. I posted about it last year and I promise to have pictures this year. We are putting on a Carnival for them. It is going to be very fun.

My birthday is coming up on August 4th. What do I want for my birthday? Well, I haven't completely decided but I think I want another tattoo! Crazy- I know. I have been thinking about it and really want it, but I don't want to go through the pain. My last one hurt so bad! What am I getting? Well, I want it behind my ear on my neck-close to my brain-I know. But, I want Tim's kiss mark. So, I told him that he will have to put lipstick on and pucker up! He was willing. I have to decide by tomorrow in order to get the appt on my birthday. But, I haven't told anyone-so shhhhhh don't say anything.

Starting this weekend we are re-decorating our Children's Church. Paint-Deep Cleaning. The whole thing. I have really cute "theme" ideas. I am doing a beach-"Hang Ten" in the largest classroom. Surfboards, flip flops, palm trees, and the beach! I will post pictures when I am done. Hopefully, I will be done in 2 weeks. I can only work on weekends. Let's see what else...........oh, I have a youth beach trip coming up on the 12th. They want to stay for a bonfire so that means we have to get there at like 7 a.m. to reserve a fire pit - meaning we meet at 6 a.m. meaning I have to get up at 5 a.m.-what I will do for these kids! I think that's it. I will leave you here with a few of my favorite pictures.....

Here is Tim with his Baby Grand-which is his "Baby." And my cousin Michelle's kids Sydney, Evan, and Elane. They love it when Tim plays with them. We had them overnight while Michelle helped her brother get ready for his engagement party back in June.

This is Levi-Tim's brother at his parents house. They live off a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Notice the hills in the back. Levi had 3 pool rings and 1 mini pool ring on and did a complete flip off the diving board landing up right. Here he is posing for me.

And here are my girls. Starting with my baby sister Emily, my cousin Michelle's oldest Shelby, my cousin Jessie Rose, and Tim's sister Micah. While Tim was in Mexico with the POWER team back in January-they all spent the night and we went to Joann's Fabric Store and make fleece blankets. Aren't they cute?


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