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I love my In-Laws!
Friday, July 06, 2007
♥ 8:00 PM

Especially since all of my "in laws" are under 22 years old. My husband is the oldest of 9- yes 9 kids. Here's a quick run down- Tim 25-Jeni-22-Ali-18-Taylor-15-Levi-13-Micah-11-Joe-9-Troy Jr. 7-McKenzie-6 months(McKenzie went to be with Jesus in April 2002 when she was 6 months old). So since Tim and I were married (4 years ago) he has always told me that he wants to stay close to all of his siblings. So to get some one on one time-actually two on two :) or else it would take us all year :) We take them out 2 at a time which works perfect. They are all paired up except Micah and she is a year younger than my littlest sister Emily so we pair them up together. We started out with Micah and Emily back in March. We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and they spent the whole weekend with us. It was sooo much fun and I was so sad because I left my camera at home :(

Up next Joe and Troy...every time we go to the beach Troy always wants to go to Ruby's at the end of the pier. All day he says, "I just need a shake right now" or "I bet they have really good shakes their." He is quite a character. So, I told him that we were going to take him and Joe to the beach to swim and eat at Ruby's and he goes-"for my birthday?" No-I answered-"for Joe's birthday?" I answered no again-and he says, "why?" I said just because we want to. He states, "that's weird!" I said why, and he says "that's just weird." I guess coming from a family of 9 or actually 11 you only go out on special occasions? Anyway, here are some pictures of our outing....

We borrowed my dad's Jeep and drove down with the top off. Huntington Beach here we come!

Here we are eating at the top of Ruby's Diner.

After we ate we went to the arcade on Balboa Island in Newport Beach. Here is Tim and Joe White Water Rafting.

And now off to the beach!

For some reason my computer won't upload any more photos. So, this will have to be continued. I will try to upload them tomorrow. I am leaving tomorrow for Chicago. I am going to miss Tim. 8 days is a long time!


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