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Wedding/Vacation/Family Reunion
Monday, June 18, 2007
♥ 6:05 PM

Yes, it was all 3! A Perfect Wedding-Fun Family Reunion-Much Needed Vacation. So, where to begin....

My cousin Caleb got married in Missouri to Maggie aka Maegan (long story)- She is from Louisiana recently moved to Missouri. She moved out to CA after the wedding. 17 of our family members caught the red eye to Missouri. Here is us waiting for our plane to leave- Departing 12:55 A.M.

My sister Melissa trying to sleep on the chairs in the airport.

My Aunt Pat (Mother of Groom) and Cousin Lori trying to get any sleep they can.

Here we are (before trying to sleep) waiting for the guys to park the cars at LAX. My husband Tim, cousin Isaac, cousin Lori, and my little sister Emily.

We are finally on the plane-but that doesn't mean we can sleep! Here are Isaac, Emily, & Jessie about 5:30 a.m.-they literally just fell asleep.

1st Stop in Missouri- Waffle House! Here is my Aunt Paula, cousin Staci, Cousin Michelle and her husband Al.

I love this picture! Here are Isaac, Emily, Jessie, & Lori enjoying their waffles (especially Emily)!

We are finally at the Hotel-and who is waiting-the bride of course. Lots of hugs!

Here is the first of many family dinners. Lonestar! Tim and I.

Here is my sister Melissa, cousin Staci, and cousin Luke.

The next morning-family time! I was so excited to see our family from Georgia. Here is Emily and Lydia (2nd cousin). Poor Lydia was scared to death of everybody. She did let me hold her-Once- on the last day :)

The day of the wedding was beautiful.

The Bride and her Bridesmaids

The Groom with his Men

Everyone looked so good! My Aunt Paula, sister Melissa, Aunt Carol, cousin Lindsey, my mom, & Uncle Darrell

The morning of the wedding my husband was not a happy camper-being he spent 2 days of his vacation at the mall-so I had to cheer the poor baby up-or shut him up??? :) He had lost his wedding ring about 2 years ago and never replaced it. He had always wanted it tattooed on-so off to the tattoo shop we go. Here is the final product:

And this picture should be on the Wordless Wednesday thing. Actually, I will wait until Wednesday to show it. Yep-another commitment to blog again-this week!

Until then...


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