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I love these Kids!
Wednesday, April 21, 2010
♥ 4:02 PM

Big Sister
Saturday, April 10, 2010
♥ 10:54 AM

Aubree absolutely loves being a Big Sister! She kisses him all day and just wants to hold "Baby Brotha Sef."

First thing in the morning she has to find her "Baby Brotha Sef"

More Birthdays!!!
Saturday, March 13, 2010
♥ 9:39 PM

Today we went to Jeremiah and Aaron's 2nd Birthday. It was Mickey Mouse theme and Aubree was in heaven! She loved everything from the jumper to the jungle gym to the bubbles.

She even jumped in the "big kid" jumper!

I think she was the only one who actually got to shoot the bubble gun! And lots were promised! LoL

Sitting with her Daddy...eating her cupcake.

Jeremiah & Aaron "Happy 2nd Birthday!"

I had a cute picture of Aubree and Caydence and the dumb thing won't upload! :/

She's becoming such a big girl!

I'm Spoiled!
Monday, March 08, 2010
♥ 9:05 AM

I had such a fun Baby Shower this weekend given to me by one of my best friends Jamie. It was so cute, fun games, and great food!

Ashley, Phelicia, & Mammaw!

3 of my sweetest friends...Judy, Kaci, & Jeanette

4 of the 8 "Aunts"...Ali, Emily, Micah, & Jeni

I love these 3 ladies! Dulia, Martha, & Suzy

3 great friends Amie, Tiana, & Tami

Shirley, Grammy Lori, & Sarah

My step-mom Lisa and 2 of my step-sisters Amy & Andrea...who dressed alike NOT on purpose! Funny thing is Sarah and I had the same shirt on too!

Sarah & I as twins....she is due in August w/her 4th baby.

I have the best friends that are so generous! This baby has the cutest stuff!

Aubree didn't attend the shower because she is a beast! LOL....but she did love all the presents. Here she is in her new favorite toy!

Friday, March 05, 2010
♥ 12:39 PM

When I go back through old pictures I seriously cry at how fast Aubree has grown up. I love her sooo much...even her attitude! She was just learning to walk in this picture at Tim's softball game. Brings back so many memories and I sometimes think I can't even remember her this little...and this pic is barely a year old. She was so bow legged.

He's Almost Here!
♥ 11:35 AM

2 weeks and counting....crazy. I'm not nervous about the labor and delivery or even the recovery but what makes a knot in my stomach is the day to day and night LoL of raising 2 kids! It makes me a little nervous. I'm excited at the same time but still a little nervous. I have been a shopping fool for this baby. Here's the clothes I have so far and my baby shower is tomorrow! I wasn't expecting to have a baby shower so I had been shopping and stocking up on clothes.

Here's the damage:

3 pairs of jeans
2 pairs of pants
4 pairs of shorts
1 bathing suit
12 shirts
8 soft "stay @ home" shirts
11 pairs of soft pants
1 jacket
3 sleepers
2 Onesie Short Outfits
2-3 around the house outfits

Keep in mind this has accumulated over 9 months!

Finally his room is done! Minus the rocking chair and crib....but the painting, wall decals, hanging of decor....I'll show complete room pictures once all the furniture is up...and my curtains. I'm so excited to get those and hang them up.

I strongly suggest wall decals for your room's decor. On etsy.com they are affordable and turn out really good. This one is above the rocking chair in the corner of his room.

My drum set that I LOVE....and then hung crooked...whatever I'm over it LoL This is over his crib. I like the contrast against the teal blue...even though Tim says it's "girly"....it's only one wall and the other walls are charcoal gray!

Oh and my carseat is done! I LOVE it...my friend Tami did a perfect job. If you have a stroller or carseat you want re-covered or just made cute check out her site on FB "Rockin Buggy's"

Payton's 1st Birthday!
Saturday, February 20, 2010
♥ 7:35 PM

Happy Birthday Payton. Today we went to Payton's first birthday party. She is Tim's cousin David's little girl and soooo cute. She is the happiest baby.

Aubree had fun playing with all the toys.

Chalk was her favorite.


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